October 24-25 : Dalton and the Sheriffs

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Call it Boston country. Call it accidental country. Call it what you will. DALTON & THE SHERIFFS is a band from Boston, Mass. that believes that the line between three-chords-and-the-truth and down-home, country honesty has blurred beyond the point of distinction. DALTON & THE SHERIFFS believes there is a place in New England -- and beyond, for that matter -- for a band that speaks the truth in resonant tones, accented by the twang of a Telecaster, about life in Boston. Real life -- love and loss, success and failure, heartbreak and heartache. Not as a gimmick, but as a matter of course, as a matter of necessity. DALTON & THE SHERIFFS believes that these past few months are not a mistake, that the band has found a sound original and dynamic, and that they are positioned to share their music, one song at a time, to one person at a time, through every small town bar and stage in New England.


Nov 1 Halloween Bash 2014 with Green Line Inbound

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The annual Halloween Bash at The Box has always been a truly bizarre affair with everyone decking themselves out in their weirdest, sexiest, scariest costumes known to man...$100 prizes are given for three categories of costumes: sexiest, scariest and most creative. If you've never experienced this insane evening, do yourself a favor and get together your creepy best digs and come get weird with us!

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